The Future of LeBron James - Top 3 Most Likely Destinations

One of the most highly anticipated stories in the upcoming off-season is if LeBron James will return to Cleveland Cavaliers or if he will decide to pursue his championship dreams with another team. It is widely expected that LeBron James will opt out of the final year of his contract and will be available on the open market. Of course, The King can always return to Cleveland, but many NBA insiders believe that he will leave Cleveland once again and join another contending team. Here are the top three most likely destinations for the GOAT, LeBron James.
#1 Philadelphia 76ers
The Philadelphia 76ers are a young team that has a bright future after a lengthy rebuilding stage. Many NBA rumors have linked LeBron James to the 76ers, as he would instantly transform the team into a legitimate contender to reach the NBA Finals each year. However, some NBA analysts are skeptical that LeBron James would be a good fit, due to Ben Simmons
being the primary ball carrier. However, recent reports stated that the GOAT is looking to "play off the ball", and Ben Simmons would be the perfect compliment to the skillet of LeBron James.
#2 Los Angeles Lakers
The Los Angeles Lakers have long been rumored as a likely destination spot for LeBron James. The Lakers have plenty of salary cap space and can offer James a maximum contract. However, the current version of the Lakers isn't ready to contend in the Western Conference against super teams such as the Houston Rockets or Golden State Warriors. Of course, many NBA analysts expect the Lakers to target both LeBron James and Paul George in the upcoming off-season. Whatever they decide, the Lakers will need to add another superstar player
alongside LeBron James if they hope to transform this rebuilding franchise into an instant contender.
#3 Houston Rockets
The Houston Rockets lost a hard-fought series against the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. Missing the services of Chris Paul for the final two games made it much more difficult to compete against the supremely talented Golden State Warriors. However, the team with the best record in the NBA can instantly transform into the next super team with the signing of The GOAT, LeBron James. The talented trio of James Harden, Chris Paul, and LeBron James would challenge the Warriors and can possibly dethrone the perennial NBA
champions. Signing with the Rockets would also allow James an easier transition to his final years in his basketball career, as he would have a chance to conserve his energy, and he wouldnot be relied upon to carry the entire team on his shoulders.
Predicting which team will land LeGOAT is a fun but entirely unpredictable process. Will LeBron James return to the Cavaliers and help bring home another championship? Or will he form a new super team and compete for NBA titles in another city? No one can predict the future team of the GOAT, but all of these questions and more will be answered in the upcoming NBA