LeBron James - The Path to the 2018 NBA Finals

The road to the NBA Finals was not an easy path for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they faced two
elimination games in the Eastern Conference. However, LeBron James lead the Cavaliers to
victory, as he made his 8th straight NBA Finals appearance and proved once again why many
consider him to be "The GOAT" Here is the recap of each playoff series and why LeGOAT
should not be underestimated in the NBA Finals.
First Round - Cleveland Cavaliers (4) vs. Indiana Pacers (5)
The Pacers dominated the first game of the series with a 98-80 victory, despite James recording
a triple-double. However, the Cavs bounced back with a 100-97 win in Game 2 due to The Goat
scoring 46 points. Games 3 and 4 were both close matchups with each team winning one game
each and tying the series two games apiece. LeBron James proved once again that he is The
GOAT in Game 5, as he drained a three-pointer at the buzzer to propel the Cavs to victory
98-95. The Pacers recovered to win Game 6 easily, but the Cavs won the decisive Game 7 and
advanced to the next round in the NBA playoffs.
Second Round - Toronto Raptors (1) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (4)
Many NBA fans expected the Cavs to struggle against the top-seeded Toronto Raptors.
However, the Cavs swept the Raptors in four games, which ultimately caused the Raptors to fire
longtime coach Dwane Casey. The Cavaliers came back from a 14 point deficit and rallied to
win Game 1 in overtime, while James recorded his 21st playoff triple-double. LeGOAT
dominated Game 2 with 43 points and led the Cavs in a 128-110 blowout win. Game 3 was a
much closer contest, yet LeBron James scored another playoff buzzer beater and crushed the
Raptors hopes with a 105-103 victory. The Cavs coasted to an easy Game 4 win and eliminated
the Raptors from the playoffs for the third consecutive year.
Eastern Conference Finals - Boston Celtics (2) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (4)
The Boston Celtics had an impressive run to the Eastern Conference Finals, despite not having
Kyrie Irving for the playoffs. The Celtics dominated the first two games in the series against the
Cavs, winning both games by double digits. However, the Cavs bounced back and won games
three and four decisively, with LeBron James scoring 27 and 44 points each. Celtics came out
strong and easily won the next game with a 96-83 victory to push the Cavs to the brink of
elimination. However, LeBron James delivered a clutch performance in Game 6 with 46 points
and 11 rebounds to lead the Cavs to a 109-99 victory. The Cavaliers defeated the Celtics in
Game 7 and advanced to the NBA Finals due to LeBron James scoring 35 points and 11
rebounds in an 87-79 win.
The road to the NBA Finals hasn't been easy for LeBron James and the Cavs as they hope to
avenge last year's loss to the Warriors and bring back another championship to the city of
Cleveland. Only time will tell if LeGOAT can continue his magical season or will he finally meet
his match against a talented Warriors team.